Dis 24, 2014

Commodities of understanding

Noisy for someone averse to spelling “up on a tree.” Wry anything thrice. Figuring these hands had pressed no pamphlets. Skin somehow unsliced by paint, sympathies never shamed by superior, more compassionate logics. Answer what riddle slavers from this animal with three-world assents of humor. Friend, twisting esophagi into moebius allows for impoverished art, have you appreciation of thirst, what snide are you on anyway? The fountain a confessional stood on its head. What fawns only over the fawning, visiting upon the crafty and standoffish our aggregate haught. Keeping promises away from you. The nothing that has transpired. Below this delightful constellation of aches in a chest cavity where it had grown so / used to the pounding.

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