Mar 11, 2016

Dog-Cart, 0.27 × 035 m.

Hope it’s a good night, a choice cut, as elevens go. How are you and why is this. Been waiting to do filmy annotations of pages read and admired. Then was a then, you glanced side-wise on my time and place with them (they came to work on so long) and now there’s no other time or place for me and you’re past the green, holier than now, below livid arches all your own. If upon recounting a page I scribble in, what, two solid sentences about it, won’t it come across as dismissive? Gilding a lily my, yes, that’s it, but if a caption fails a picture we still arrive at fanboy, don’t we and far better people claiming the hurt so I’m positive. Your constructs can take it. I’d like it to be a step toward something as my “happy for you” surpasses my “happy that I’m happy for you”—but I’d settle for it not being a step back, like a hand-me-down bus from Japan. “Settle” is a crossword country where the produce smells a ham-and-get-them morning. Coolly dipping passports in water.