Abr 14, 2016

Hot Flashes

A body that absorbs anger. Like your trick with one tongue and these pits between fingers. Must warn you, I’ve been known to see bosses. That was slick, but how could you? In my sleep sometimes, though not yet in such a manner that halves the table in the morning. In that hour of keeping it together. Tight-knit a compound we’ve preferred for far too long, slipping it up past speakeasy. Thank you, you know, that was decent of you, and decent’s been lucking out of the charts these past few, no toeholds for the prim. Saw them walking by the play yard and they had no stakes there, but they—this is nothing pure, more so because I’ve been wishing for pure, and that alone taints it and believe, several others sulk deep into that corner, but let me tell you, they had this lockstep that charmed the checkers off me, two orchestrated masses of tissue that I prayed would fall forever in love into each other’s collars, with no hope of return—they’d been laughing, most probably a shared derision, “look at that piece of, standing there like he means something,” but no I can’t. Saw to that.

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