Set 9, 2003

Little Green Man

Things are going very well here, if you should know. I make a living and have my fine moments doing so. I read my books and hear my music. It's not even all desk. The beer flows at times and afterwards the coffee.

I've been looking up at Mars because everybody tells me it's special to do so these nights. Sometimes they accompany me, sometimes I do it all alone. It's nice when the skies are clear and no streetlight or neon competes with the vision. They're trying to convince me that there's a tinge of red. I don't mind if I see only the untwinkling yellow. I remember reading Ray Bradbury and his vision of future life there. I look up and remember the movies made, Mars Attacks, Red Planet, and a bunch of forgettables. Total Recall. Do you remember which one we watched together?

I hope things are well with you too, wherever you are. All the best to you and yours.

I wonder how it is up there?

Set 4, 2003

This is darned belated. My petty self-imposed exile has given me an unforgiveable backlog on the news. Congratulations Astrid and Jol for winning your first Palanca awards!