Okt 17, 2017

Not Twice

The x-ray details are hardcore.

By shaping pencil botanicals to favor only their set design, disseminators of (in a deep voice) “What if our innards were built to survive very traditional artists? What might bring me to the mountains?” also debase graffiti-like instillations. 

There are no quick feels like fiberglass and resin and with a water quality, that leathery purpose, those hungry for change. It’s more gridded, the phenomenon demands 3,800 apologies.

The pronounced use of the neck to leave a line bare.

Okt 14, 2017

Lab blanket

What I know I learned yesterday afternoon before the long trip. Read something was up the night before. I would like to talk about it (talk it off?) without "triggering" anything in anyone. It's not like you can trust people who seem strong to be strong. Or, who are strong to maintain strength. And it's true that like you if I'm going to get some bombs ticking, I'd set it on those who feel good about themselves. When their only solution to people is other people. This one, I think his answer to himself is himself. Would you like me to tell you about this, though I'm sure you're tired and all of it was long days. Road was harder on you than it was on me. Meds are crushed and dissolved. Kids are okay. No, he chose what he chose. Leave it.

Okt 1, 2017


Notes on Cid Corman’s “Fire”

Is it the
or process

of desire?
To take some
thing at all

once from it
self until
it pervades

warms and glows
and goes out.

But what is
out that is
not into?


It seems like someone has been staring at a candle, looking at how much (and how much nothing) goes into that hunger. Including his/her thoughts, desires, thoughts of desire, and desire to think—all of which should be eliminated if there’s to be any hope at all of extinguishing the ego, suffering.

The stanza cut yields us both. The sentence assigns pervades to it (it pervades emptiness, which seems to be something both occupying and being occupied by emptiness) but the cut allows emptiness its own stanza, where it may warm and glow, maybe as something quite distinct from just an emptied out some/thing.

Another, burdened with saying what’s nothing in such space.