May 18, 2015

Building Mars

  A Print
sanctuary. Meanwhile, the sequence of      

Ana's reflexive    
 germination, incubation and

     from their shared            Ana will be giving
 Hall at the 4th floor of      Tuesday

May 17, 2015


What use have you for now that you’ve got? First gender, then fingernails, and then the biscuit crumbles. Showers upon discovering who feigned both Reading and Comprehension. Remittance did suggest you quit modelling and start saving. For some reason, papa said let there be spaces. Always in fits and curves, absently spelling your middle. Worth survives, dying for its share of toothy grins. How they said it elsewhere about placing a call. How she enters you, by asking after your wounds.

May 14, 2015

the two

the transformative nature of things and      Ana take off

longings for a personal      reconfiguration of appearance
collecting, storing, and      release / the audience

May 12, 2015


After the spell it hits you. You weren’t as in on it as they were.
You’ll just have to make do with the tarpaulin blankets,

Be happy they’re happy.

It’s too many tiptoes past the storybooks now so
When you miss someone it isn’t round the clock missing.

Not as if we chucked an elbow, a house was done with us.
It’s more of. No not a dream then you wanted back in.

All along. Or you know: some eggshell unreleased.
I left the country but the mouse would not, let. Not, it, either.

This stuff is coarse, but who goes around begging off
Whistling yay for polymers? Let me

Ring to say how lucky your children / children to be. Sweet
That lady cocooned somewhere baking something for you;

When down the middle cut we the class,

Our sleeves too bleached for messages.
You had no permit, throwing up on these orchids.

May 10, 2015


—clone mo nga ang anak mo e. interesting pala kapag nag-cross ng gender ang genes mo! actually wala namang sumpong, tinuturuan ko pa hehe

salamat sa napakadiplomatikong pagtalakay sa inilaki ng tiyan ko

May 8, 2015

Twice Animals

they are natural
stains, a method
people that fuel

senses / appropriates old
loved ones. The
humor that opens

sheets are / residual
form. Conversely, forms
haunt us in

May 2, 2015

Agua de Mayo

You follow the news that follows them, never submitting. Composure, babe, and seedlessness in the beauty of watermelons. Words on loan allow more closure: lollipop, abominable, tollbooth. Such parties gagged by the concerned; the hero minted. The cloud’s shape asked you out for a spin. If sitting by your side means missing your bas-relief. If watching your nose crinkle must part our fingers. Distant, dutiful, the color emanating what was at stake. Collect them in a row or shall we choke.