Peb 3, 2020


Not speaking for anyone else, but hunting’s listed in order of importance:

1. Real life
2. Mist
3. Campaign
4. GP tab
5. CTAs
6. Public

Was glad we adjusted to meteorite by chaining hard explores, so I poured stam in that direction. I don’t remember doing 5 and 6 since the merge. Campaign’s also limited to whatever I could fit between hard explores.

While I miss completing the easys, I’m happy with my list at the moment. If crowding the tab isn’t an issue, I suggest we post all our summons there (but take care to mention which are public/private along with other conditions).

I have Gehenna up the easy, by the way, but I didn’t know you had one active until today.

I don’t think this is being suggested, but for the record, I’m not boycotting anybody’s summons. All my love to the rest and the officers.


By the way, is there a limit to tab entries? I’ve hesitated GP-marking my summon as I fear taking up space and crowding out “legit” mist.

Gehenna’s down, by the way, for collect.