Peb 15, 2020

Plumbago auriculata

Reprisals are on the cool side.
Simple lining determined the stages of crop

failure on the underside of your wrist.
Greenish means you warm the path

of prophetic mission.
If they look bluish-green,
lift the front layers for breastfeeding.

If bluish-purple,
it means all the air time from floods.
Leave flawless

spandex under the shade for six years to 
color the rubble 

(a diminutive seeker used her emergency mobile

to radio formula).
Do not bleach the mirror.

Peb 3, 2020


Not speaking for anyone else, but hunting’s listed in order of importance:

1. Real life
2. Mist
3. Campaign
4. GP tab
5. CTAs
6. Public

Was glad we adjusted to meteorite by chaining hard explores, so I poured stam in that direction. I don’t remember doing 5 and 6 since the merge. Campaign’s also limited to whatever I could fit between hard explores.

While I miss completing the easys, I’m happy with my list at the moment. If crowding the tab isn’t an issue, I suggest we post all our summons there (but take care to mention which are public/private along with other conditions).

I have Gehenna up the easy, by the way, but I didn’t know you had one active until today.

I don’t think this is being suggested, but for the record, I’m not boycotting anybody’s summons. All my love to the rest and the officers.


By the way, is there a limit to tab entries? I’ve hesitated GP-marking my summon as I fear taking up space and crowding out “legit” mist.

Gehenna’s down, by the way, for collect.