Abr 14, 2016


Hot Flashes

A body that absorbs anger. Like your trick with one tongue and these pits between fingers. Must warn you, I’ve been known to see bosses. That was slick, but how could you? In my sleep sometimes, though not yet in such a manner that halves the table in the morning. In that hour of keeping it together. Tight-knit a compound we’ve preferred for far too long, slipping it up past speakeasy. Thank you, you know, that was decent of you, and decent’s been lucking out of the charts these past few, no toeholds for the prim. Saw them walking by the play yard and they had no stakes there, but they—this is nothing pure, more so because I’ve been wishing for pure, and that alone taints it and believe, several others sulk deep into that corner, but let me tell you, they had this lockstep that charmed the checkers off me, two orchestrated masses of tissue that I prayed would fall forever in love into each other’s collars, with no hope of return—they’d been laughing, most probably a shared derision, “look at that piece of, standing there like he means something,” but no I can’t. Saw to that.


Abr 13, 2016

In which it was said go away and okay, sure, but your name dragged to condolences, permit revoked for your thigh on the asphalt

Takes a rare soul to perceive the do not disturb sign for what it is; take maybe not for an answer, respect the unrespected. Management these days, like you wouldn’t believe, they’re so into congregating and taking a bath, something they call cellophane among themselves... so glad you’re out of this, and on a first name basis too, congrats.  Couldn’t find the ax by the way; rake’s still here though—let’s light this more often, no? They’ve graduated from discussions of which curtain and why oh that looks super on the suspended waste that remains a balcony over your marriage to oh wow they’re not so chummy in Singapore yeah yeah huh I cabbed to KL and here’s what’s left of my key, keep it, might as well know why they sent me. In exchange for what? We need to interact; we need to diversify; we need ta innernationalize. Exchange for whom? It’s 21st century, 22nd century, the sets should mind, shifts ought paradigm, rooms ought swell, the disgraced allowed their hour in the diamond, the upper middles, won’t you rub knees together because that’s the thing: really, it’s your guilt, you do something about it, right? (a) We set the table for you, (b) we commoned your enemies with feelings, and (c) we flew in some snacks. No.

berdeng mata 5 0 0 0

malaki-laki sana kung naging espesyalista sa matapobre
back-to-back ang day-off namin at ng ibang sekretarya

balahura silang amiga at ipokritong ipis ngunit ikaw ang humarap
kung umiiral daw ba ang inggit, tanong ng tagalatag ng baldosa

ugaliing ipain ang mga bibig na nakahihigit sa iyo, di hamak
madudulas na gulugod, ilong na maganda

malilinis na ipin, tsikador ng front desk, aapakan mo rin kami

kay bubutog ng mga ugat nang sinumbatan at tinaboy pa-klinika
bulaan ang anumang awa / sakripisyo mo mukha mo

Abr 6, 2016

Blockade mga Diwata