May 20, 2009


My poem's on a CCP wall as part of Irma Lacorte's installation art. The collective title is Tore : Bangin :: Bahaghari. Go see.

Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery), Cultural Center of the Philippines. Exhibit runs from May 14 – June 21, 2009. Below, the exhibit notes lifted from the e-mails:

The project "PasyoNasyon" descends from lessons conceived, learned and acquired in a cultural sense from WOMAN as (MYTHICAL) HERO:BABAYE- BABAYLAN- BAGANIHAN, a major KASIBULAN project concluded last July 2008 sponsored by NCCA.

PASYONASYON is an attempt to concretize and materialize concepts and ideas that revolve around the cultural history of the Philippines as seen through oral traditions (such as pasyon, babaylan, rituals, etc.) as such traditions are carried forth by women as primary figures of these rituals.

PASYONASYON will showcase wearable art in various art forms and media. It will serve as the converging point of different art practitioners from diverse art disciplines (dance, music, visual and digital arts, performance art and literature) to come up with provocative images, sounds, performances, and choreography that will be stringed in an exhibit at the CCP Main Gallery from May 14 to June 21.

Participating artists: Aba Lluch Dalena, AJ Tolentino, AK Domingo, Alma Quinto, Amihan Jumalon, Baidy Mendoza, Brenda Fajardo, Cecil De Leon-Laya, Ceej Gomera, Chato Rivero, Christine Sioco, Claire Zapata, Con Cabrera, Cynthia Alexander, Daphne Aguilar, Dina Gadia, Edda Amonoy, Elaine Lopez-Clemente, Esther Garcia, Gigi Javier-Alfonso, Irma Lacorte, Jana Jumalon-Alano, Jane Ebarle, Jen Viola, Katrina Ann Tan, Kiri Lluch Dalena, Lia Torralba, Lita Maderazo, Lorna Fernandez, Lot Arboleda, Maan de Loyola, Maria Villanueva, Mayuko S. Kobayashi, Milk Mendoza, Mimi Tecson, Mona Dela Cruz-Gaston, Nadya Melina David, Nina Libatique, Norma Liongoren, Paz Abad Santos, Pusong Bughaw, Racquel de Loyola, Rona Fernandez, Rosel Valenzuela, Serena Borras, Susan Fetalvero-Roces, Teya Tan, Vivian N. Limpin, Zenaida Xavier.