Dis 30, 2007

Sefirot I

vi - Niyanig ang Laguna & Bicol ng lindol na na nasa ika-5 antas ang lakas.

ix - Kaugalian na ang pagsalubong ng 12 uri ng bilugang prutas sa bagong taon, hal: lanzones, tsesas, melong tagalog, tsiko, kalamansi, dalandan, ubas, mansanas, pakwan, peras, naranha, at melong kastila.

ii - Salvandorum paucitas, damnandorum multitudo

viii - Ang pagpaslang kay Bhutto.

v - Ayon kay Bruce Lee, hindi siya natatakot sa taong 1 beses nag-ensayo ng 10,000 uri ng sipa pero natatakot siya sa taong 10,000 nag-ensayo ng 1 uri ng sipa.

iii - Nasa kanyang tinig ang antok.

iv - Ayon sa Sefer Yezirah ng ika-6 na dantaon, binuo ng YHWH ang daigdig sa pamamagitan ng 32 landas tungo sa karunungan.

i - Mas malaki ang mata ng ostrich kesa utak nito.

vii - P982 kada kilo ang hamon.

Dis 28, 2007

A Likely Story

A former friend had this air about him. As if he invented atheism. I would have told him about a couple of atheists I knew who had much fuller voices, but back then I didn't want him to feel doggone down. See, whenever he's doggone down, he realizes that he's not the center of the world and begins to ask endlessly about my opinion, even take them to task. So, no. He was better off thinking himself the very center. Less irritable that way. You see, there was this one time when he was down, and (as authentic as puppies go) he said, "I'm a rebel. Everybody's supposed to love a rebel, right?"

It was too long ago, so I don't recall if this was a beer-inspired answer: "Don't ask for love, man. It's just not fair." But it was an honest answer, and my occasional honesty ranks number three in my list of why I lose friends. Number four is their silence takes up too much space. Number two is my all-time favorite simile: like I care.

Dis 24, 2007

Chalk It Up

My father celebrated his 61st birthday, December 23. I've yet to get him a present. I remember telling him about four years ago that his birthday was earmarked by those pioneers of the calendar, the Mayans. They called their calendar the Tzolkin. It's so accurate as ancient calendars go, and after all these centuries it's still only off by a few odd seconds. According to the Mayans, the world ends with a cataclysm on December 23, 2012. That would be Dad's 65th.

I'm going to buy him a pair of pants and wish him a long life.