Hun 2, 2018


B figures hmm, they’re just like the Rs in a fight when on a steady diet of training runs with the fam. So he’s scanning for patterns, testing with projectiles and feints, all the while using their own field anxiety against them: hitting a friend. As B I’d ride A, but only if it’s fun rodeo, I mean, if there’s a golden bridle of sorts (I’m thinking D’s), otherwise it would be like riding a metal cactus which is also a god-besotted pegasus. So if I’m not riding him, I’m defending against him. Blind him until you figure him out, etc. If I’m not deploying anything, it wouldn’t be ideal to take I. However, if I have my anti-F gear, then it’s I, but only to incapacitate as how’s it B-like to use someone unconscious as a shield? It’d be too much of a hostage sitcom, too desperate. Maybe the weakest link is C if you have a B skill-set (oh, B must have a thing for S-type eye burns, should be able to defend against those in his day-sleep). Get behind him! Though C is the brainiest in terms of tactics: it would be like dodging O-beams. Counter-though if B sets up the surroundings, you know, smoke, etc. But if he isn’t U-belting anything? So it’s I cracking jokes, maybe all that fear factor not biting. It’s H, and if he’s holding something science-y or mystic artsy, B will take it from him, but if H is all body? Well it shouldn’t be easy throwing against any of them alone or together, as adults or as kids (what’s a human if you’ve toed field against E?). Anyway, enter J (X’s J not B’s). B resists with some zen-type jujitsu or whatnot, maybe surprise J (B pulled a trick like this against the M, but he had time to study the M). Anyway, J gets revived (everyone always rushes to save her, we all know this) and though B makes happy with the folk thrown off, J at round 2 will use bigger, headier stuff, maybe a TK to go with the TP. So, J’s inside, and H pins B down, C takes aim (at, I don’t know, the brand, I suppose, though he must realize that its up front and “eye-catching” because, hey, don’t look at the chin), A is enraged (I’s look guys, she has this, and they know she does, the universe is her fire-buddy like that, but B seems like the slippery sort of SR, and you should at least pose to maintain focus) but J goes, no, don’t hurt him, please, don’t hurt him, because the pain, the rage. Little boys right, what can I say? J’s in tears, and C’s jealous (and if it’s as kids, then so’s H). I’s playing his usual dumb, so, is it over, are we friends now? A is trying to shrug off the acid (or if it’s as kids, to burn it all off). B glares, recalculates, accepts that the files are out, has been shared, the thing to consider is 01. will they work for him, 02. will they work with him, 03. will they get out of the way long enough for him to accomplish what needs accomplishing? .04 Who has time for this? He decides he can’t have all these wild cards running about, has to distract them somewhat. It’s a good thing he called N at the outset, before the first blow was even struck. Yes, N, the time-saver. N, a prettier pair of lips than even C. N gets J confused (at the very least) and I, too (though the adult I would deny it). H gives it his trademark oh my, and that very instant he gets to “garters” he regrets it.