Okt 31, 2016

Sheet mulching with a banana leaf base

Laid the fresh leaves around the kalamansi. Not exactly along the tree's drip line, as you should have somewhere to plant a ladder for harvesting.

Braced the sheet base with wood. Layered with carbon from dry leaves of kaimito, coconut, and the kalamansi itself. Then, nitrogen from grass clippings.

Made a smaller version around the turmeric plot. At some point, all this must benefit the lemon grass and that younger avocado.

Should sprinkle in soil to mask possible smell of rotting from the greens. Or rake in more browns. Fresh leaves from birds of paradise laid over the mulch might help, as all you need is a few sunny days and you get that burnt smell from back when they ironed clothes, resting the iron on banana leaf shreds.

Mostly rain though. Should give up the big, ruined tire from my brother (brought in by my sister) as it could brace a smaller but thicker mulch, a weed layer over which will sit fourteen inches and eleven months.