Ene 30, 2018

Move to a nayon

Oo, tama. Envy ‘no?
Vote mo ‘yan, tao.
E, ‘Toy, van mo na o...

Oven mo yata ‘no?
No to envoy, Ama.

Na-move na, toyo.
Ayon, veto mo na.

Tay, OA venom ‘no?
Ay! Novena mo ‘to!
‘Yan, oo...  maventa.
Oy, emo: VAT o ano?

Kangkungan feels

UN saw gage, knew flank.
Nagluka. We knew fangs.
Gawk, gawk: sane funnel.

Wake ng flag na we sunk.
Angkas ng new wakeful
Leak ng few nakaw guns.
Angkan ng awful weeks,
Nag-flunk. We sang weak.
Gawk. Kewl, ang safe nun:

Fun week na gang walks
(Ang kween ng faw luksa).
Kung fake new laws nga
E fungal. Swank ang kew

Nung few kanal wakes, G?
Ew, swak kung fan angle.
Wag kneels—awa ng funk.
Skew ka nun, flaw ng age.

Ene 16, 2018

Birth you signal

Today I saw two men I like and often admire. Faculty room morning, grocery store noon. I know of a few worthy of attention and do not seek it. Spots less rancid. My I know a something I announce. My I saw like something you have got to see. (When he worked there, he spoke of layers below turf, bedding: the loamy sand and its amendments, some coarse sand at the base, crushed stone. As flowers above, so drains below.) Have a nice day like loaf or a ticket forced on you.

Ene 9, 2018


Replied to all, I think. Reported yesterday, today (briefly though, saw you three), and will do so again tomorrow.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. More importantly, I'm grateful for the signatures on my behalf, last month. Happy new year.

Your reply came as a relief. Thank you for sending it.