Ago 6, 2010

Terrible Two

Child's proving to be a handful. She's beating everybody up with all the giddy force of her happiness. I suppose I should be doing more of the father thing, wield the iron spoon and all that. She's weeks shy of being two anyway. There's always some more discipline to go around, right? Of course. Only, I'm too busy nursing wounds and being proud.

I guess Reagan's got a point, the kid needs peers. People her own weight class should have better chances of keeping up with her. Let's see, an org of 2-year olds. Yes, and the minute they begin to spell, they can call themselves p-a-n-d-e-m-o-n-i-u-m. Why else did my wife name her Lilith?

The sweet dear's still asleep, recharging. I'm counting the hours until she wakes up. She'll launch those fat thighs right at us. Should be ready with the Kevlar.