Ago 24, 2005


You are a country
the color of my skin.
They call you mother,
or father, or lover,
but I call you country.
I call you flesh,

and I've got this idea
- and I've got this idea
full in the stomach
like a punch - that you
were something that
came before I did, yes,

but also, that I ought
to work hard to push you
out as one gut-ripping,
blood-dripping giant
little child with the color
of everyone I've ever loved.

Ago 23, 2005

For a Healthy Constitution

Ate Glow, Go! Grow
wise with our years
and pick - for peace -
a deep blue dress,
royal and true.

Ate Glow, Grow. Go
shake the right hands,
shake the hands left-
over and then
make that good call.

Grow, Ate Glow. Go
give us PR.
Grow in the dark
mother-pearl teeth
for all our sakes.

Go, Ate Glow, Grow.
Up that ante,
raise them stakes high!
Then take us, take
us right down them.

Go Grow, Ate. Glow
red as hunger.
We're not just votes;
we can take you
down, count on it.

Ago 2, 2005

Sa Pambansang Karnabal

ang bansa, alagad
ng krus na kawad
at lambat, Boy Tumbling
sa ere. At kober
ng midya ang kanyang
sa haliging-hagdan.

Dantaon na ako
nanonood dito.
Hindi ko makuhang
pumalakpak. Bitin
sa ere ang lahat
ng aking daliri.