Abr 23, 2019

B— and K—

Good morning! Thank you for inviting me. This will be my fourth run, if ever, and I’m looking forward to the task. May I ask a few questions? Around how many people will attend my stretch? Are they expected to write during the hour and a half? O may naisulat na sila?

What sort of set-up will we get? Classroom? The stairs? Anong kagamitan kaya ang meron?

Also, yes, a copy of the concept paper and program please. Medyo matanong ako pagdating sa mga ganito, sana okay lang.

Got it, thanks! Will message you if I need anything. Have a pleasant weekend.

Oh. That’s kind of... While I’m sure you did everything you could, it’s just that, there are all sorts of samples I prepared for the... We know this is moot, so let me just wish you well.

Salamat sa update. Good luck!

Abr 19, 2019


Dim as the 5 sky from this day on. Blue as slate archangels on stretches of sofa, or the pin cushion. All we false ever took from pain’s we’re right. Okay with roulette, you say, closing your eyes and pointing to your good ear: so long as we hear some spin. Aaaction. Faces halved by jalousie panes—that look—beside the door clicking shut. A lukewarm figure forming on the drapery until the spot of two lights, then the creases evaporate, some to memory, some to meaning. Not one of you gets to come home to both. Mass is collecting. Repeating yourself as if to lose count.

Abr 6, 2019


Hinay-hinay lang sa hugas-bigas nang mabakas ang kaunting dugo at patikim ng bakal sa butil.

Wala tayong puputulin sa mga dila ng pandan.

Saka na maninilbihan ang bango kapag nabawi na ang binawian.