Nob 23, 2001

8:10 PM 6/12/01 - enter a space of complete calm. see the gulls flying before you in little geometric patterns, unfathomable in design and meaning. beneath them, the sea lies acqiuescing to the breezy caresses of heaven, her skin showing her wavy thrills. the gulls hover over her like bridesmaids in their unending attendance to the bride, hovering - dependent on the whim of the invisible groom. enter a space of complete calm, that space where the skins of heaven and sea meet, breeding all the violence of nature's primordial intentions. the space where storms are decided, fates brought to bear their final fruits, fruits sometimes consumed, sometimes dropped to rot and bear new life - here. this is where it all began. all wars are decided best in the most solemn of councils. enter a space of complete calm.

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