Peb 16, 2002

At last it is over! The car is sold and my time deposit's monthly interest will probably give me more money than my part-time job! Whew! For now, I won't mind a vacation from all that. And Baguio is just a week away. The Company has changed, but the mission stays the same. Stop and smell them flowers!

I must remember to be grateful for that boost. It would be a bit easier to make a start now, I guess. It came at a good time.

Books Queued for Reading:

  • Pingkian by Lamberto Antonio
  • Edad-Medya by Jose Lacaba
  • Krisis at Rebolusyong Pilipino by Jose Ma. Sison
  • Gabay sa Tunay na Unyonismo
  • Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien

I wish I were a speed reader. I wonder if I'll have any time left to create my NGO's brochure? I'm pretty laid back right now and, whether I like it or not, work will find a way of catching up with me.

No matter. These things will be dealt with.

Well, I had a blast in the UP Fair last night, February 15, but it was mainly because of the company (Hello!), not the fair itself. It would have been much more fun if Belle told me she was there (were you in a blue shirt?)! And because I was not too uptight with the dough as I usually am.

I didn't like the way the master of ceremonies handled the show. I didn't like the show much either. Except for the Kontra-Gapi performances of course (or Reg will kill me). And the caterpillar didn't have proper panelling at the sides. If you sat on the left side, your ribs would be crushed by the unpanelled frame. If you sat on the right, you would crush the other set of ribs of your seatmate.

In the end, it was the reminiscing that mattered, right Irish? Yup, those were the days.

I couldn't stay long enough for Barbie's Cradle, Razorback or Slapshock. I had to catch up with my eldest sister and our "little" brother (who's beginning to dwarf the both of us) at Chili's. No sense telling himd about the birds and the bees, he may even know more than you do ate! Hehe.

My sister said the corn on the cob tasted much like my iced tea. I hated it too. I had bottomless iced tea and bottomless chips and salsa. Rare treat. Strangely, I enjoyed this one dish we shared. Half-rack of baby back ribs.

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