Mar 6, 2002

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!
-Don Corleone, The Godfather III

For some weeks now, has been using a slightly different lay-out. The old read and comment text links to each article have been replaced with a snappier little red arrow.

They published the first version of my opening Panagbenga article. I published it as my eleventh although I thought I'd end at my tenth.

Anyway, they were there too! The people! We might have been trampling over each other all that time and we would not know. A UP Baguio student commented and that made my day.

Anyway, I hope people check it out although it's still published here because the people put in a couple of neat photographs! They had that lady in the two-piece everlasting costume. Despite her predicament with the temperature, you should admire her poise!

Check it out please, but thank the people for the photographs. I'm beginning to think I might have preempted a staff member's article. They made room for a contributor, in that case! I was so touched.

Makes it so damn harder to leave! I'm having second thoughts.

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