Abr 12, 2002

Et Cetera

Tinig people! Good luck with the EB on the 14th! Happy anniversary again!

Shout out to Jio of Taym Matsing! Out of Geocities too, I see. It's his fifth version featuring the Pinoy graphics he renders so well. A beer-guzzling bejewelled dog replaces the cockfighter in this monkey's page. I haven't updated my links yet so this article will have to do for now.

Other queued links include pinoy webloggers and... well, linking pinoy webloggers is like linking them all, I guess. If you are not yet linked just tell me because - you're probably right - I'd look better with your link gracing my sidebar. Question is, would you look better associated with smelly bopis texts? Hardyharhar!

Out of the sidebar and into the blog, a cosmo-vogue question: who is the favorite morena? Tweety de Leon, Angel Aquino, Joey Mead, or somebody else?

(Question inspired by an office scene comparing favorite mestizas. But I've heard that game played much too often...)

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