Hul 5, 2002

Raining Words

Well, it's pouring.

I've been juggling my schedule like a mad circus freak going from class to review to job to these editing jobs piling on my desk. It's a small wonder I've left a typo in my Tinig v16 Article. Well, that should read "Manhattan skyscraper." It's pretty hard to crash a plane into another plane. Stuff like that usually just happens in the movies.

Alex has a column. They've been teasing him for not being grim and determined in his column pic. I say down with the stereotype! It's not all that substantial anyway. Anti or anti-anti, take your stand but don't forget to smile!

Well somebody is definitely not ashamed to flash her winning smile! Monica has a column in Binibini. That pic doesn't show it but she was holding balloons at that time. Teacher's practicing what she preaches! I don't know where my youth's gone. She must be keeping it somewhere.

A nice rainy month to everybody! Watch out for floods, traffic jams, and unexpected downpours. Unfortunately, health is definitely reduced to a commodity. Guard it with your lives! My particular affliction during this season is my vulnerability to stinging nostalgia and flooding memories. Some gray pipe is permanently clogged somewhere in my sewerage system. I'm not inclined to fix it. I'll have to wait for all of it to evaporate.

If you spot me in public transportation, library, carinderia, or cafe entranced with nothingness until my face falls into a resigned smile, well, you know my case.

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