Set 26, 2002

Movie Days

It's around 3 am. I just woke up and made myself a cup of coffee. It's sitting beside me, the teaspoon jutting out of its mouth like a metal tongue. It's a reminder that I must think and type fast because I got up to work on my civil society paper and blogging is a luxury of time that must be curtailed. I must type fast or suffer a lukewarm cup.

The last movie I saw at the FC was "Death in Venice" last Wednesday when I got my ID taken at the Registrar's. I'm really glad I caught it though it felt weird watching it alone. Or rather, walking home at the dead of night alone with no one else's film experience to hear of. Good thing someone called and told me how freaked she was about the "Maalala mo Kaya" episode.

The last free movie I saw was "Born in Absurdistan" last Saturday at the Shang-ri La. Good thing I had lovely company this time! It's one thing to walk home alone reflective and disturbed and quite another to laugh alone in a public setting. The former gives you a pensive, brooding quality, and that may even be fashionable. The latter is just plain nuts and will freak the other people having their snacks at the food court. A way out would be to meet their questioning stares with your own questioning stare. Then point at your salad.

Let's pause for a public service reminder. Yes, the European filmfest is still on and they won't go till after September 29.

I'm looking forward to watching "Y Tu Mama Tambien" with my sisters at the UP Film Center later, after work. I must see if the Mexican film is worth all the fuss that got me crazy everytime I missed it (Cinemanila, last week at UP Film Center, et cetera). The last Mexican offering I partook of was "Amores Perros" and it mortally impressed me.

Above that, I'm looking forward to just watching with my sisters. The last time we did that was around the beginning of the semester, also at the FC, my second viewing of "Amelie". We had a nice time at the Likha-Diwa afterwards. Mae talked about her ideas about her literary project in class while Ate vented her anxieties about the upcoming licensure examinations. I told them the people there kept a nice little restroom.

Mae already submitted her short story and Ate has new anxieties about jobs and residencies. Then there's the movie and the fact that they're my sisters so we won't run out of conversation. Yes, I'm looking forward to coffee tonight! My current cup just got cold on me.

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