Nob 26, 2002


I've been reading Kantogirl's e-mail, one of those life-questionnaires where Jol and Jess always have the best answers for the silliest questions. I don't recall ever filling up one of those but I always have a great time reading them. Well, while reading this particular one, I was reminded that I've been blogging for a full year now. So I checked out one year ago.

I am currently (and maybe arrogantly) under the belief that things are better now than they were a year ago. It could also be that nothing has really changed, and I just haven't gotten rid of the autosuggestive mantra I've drilled into my head during my self-helped youth: "Every day, in every way, it's getting better and better." Well, then, I'm ruined for life; I am self-cursed into believing every year was better than the last. So I will live until I run out of those things that make me stronger and finally comes tete-a-tete with the Nietzschean prophecy of that which will kill me. Maybe, despite everything, all subsequent years are inferior to those unrecollectable days of childhood amnesia?

Anyway, I have lots of people to thank for the fact that I'm still here, recollecting online. One year huh? Well, all you guys are accomplices. Right now, I'm getting less mileage here compared to the blackboard, the notebooks, and the offline-good-ol-fashioned-pen-on-paper journals. Maybe that's a good thing.

Or maybe I'm a full year older than my first entry and I'm not one drop of arrogant less.

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