Peb 6, 2003

Maybe Later

This is a nice, cold day. I feel Siberia's thaw from here. I will put in some hours at the office and proceed to the Ateneo come afternoon. If I heard the gracious woman who invited me correctly, I will sit in the audience of an Australian who will speak about Manila. If you are interested, it'll begin at 4:30 pm the Social Science AVR.

I will hear the speaker of course. I am too tired of hearing myself dwell on the same topic. I promised myself a synopsis and review if my disposition would allow me to keep a good record.

I had hoped to attend the launching of the new edition of Jose F. Lacaba's Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage which will commence at 6:OO pm at the Balay Kalinaw, in UP Diliman. Alex told me about that one and I hoped to see him there. That is improbable though because I'll have a meeting with my companion after the lecture.

Anyway, I asked Jol to attend and he says he might round up the gang. He will probably treat us to a lively update of the surreal developments of his BIR misadventure. Yes, I spoke to him on the phone yesterday and this is not yet over. I already had my turn of expressing damn cheery incredulity but I've not given him any good advice. Maybe Jessel or Astrid would take care of the counsel in exchange for the entertainment value.

This will only happen if my early evening meeting will end around dinnertime and if Jol gets it together. If not, I might just get myself tea alone somewhere in Katipunan before going home. The hot cup will not begin to compensate for the warmth of company. For some humble sorts of chill though, it will serve.

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