Abr 1, 2003

A Post-Baguio Note

I just came down from Baguio. The bus was scheduled to roll at 1 am and, despite some troublesome passengers who used up 20 minutes of our time, I was home in 5 hours.

Baguio is not that cold this time of the year. I only had a shirt and denim pants on most of the time. I only used my ukay-ukay Manic Street Preachers jacket on the bus when the hours of airconditioning soaked me to the bone. Too bad I didn't have the sense to check out a thermometer and record the exact centigrade reading. Then again, that would be boring. I'd rather say that I also wore shorts and sandals during my weekend in Baguio and that in a group of six people, only two would have a jacket or sweater with them. And of the two, only one would be wearing it.

I had to visit UP Baguio for my own intents and purposes. It was the last UP in Luzon that I haven't visited. There, I just had to mark this too. So this is exhibit B and still I have too few words to show for it. I must work on my student's grades and the rest of my requirements for postgrad class. So after I e-mail an Excel attachment, I'm off to the office. I'll deal with the faculty tomorrow.

I'm not okay. I hope everybody else is doing much better.

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