Dis 24, 2003

Merry, Happy

Spread good cheer! Otherwise, what're we here for? You're all red with the blush of the substance. That is good too, I guess. The world's too mad to keep sane and sober, eh?

Keep your vomit in for a while. Not yet, not until you're in one of those rooms of dire comfort. Spread good cheer! Keep your comforts in.

Let these days be merry for you. Let both the new and the old faces of the dual god reflect your happiness. It is possible, you know. We will sing with friends. We will sing with fine or cracked voices. We will sing! The important song is that which is sung heartily and lustily. Let all your songs be matters of life-and-death then! That should be glad and lively enough! Must you sing your sorrow? Then sing it, put the mic down, and drown it with a mug of something more black. Then gulp and sing the important song.

We will cheer you on!

Let your voice become people, events, ideas, loves. Let it be several yesterdays to remember what you hold on to. Let it be all the dreams to declare what you hold out for. Let your song become this today, this song, this pure consciousness of your own voice.

Spread good cheer! Then smile your red smile and bow.

Don't lurch though. We will not throw up here.

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