Okt 25, 2005

No Line

It's not all pretty
Launching a first book
With ten short stories.
I was not hitting

On you after you
Asked how it felt, then
I went, "like running
Around with no clothes

On my ten bodies."
Dripping with dead hair,
Fat, scars, littleness.
No hope of cover,

Just appeal left: please
Please please love at least
One of me? Next day
Forget. I'm a copy

On a shelf. Nothing
Actually stirred there.
"Naked," I answered
You, making no move.

1 komento:

hija_giovanna ayon kay ...

aba!=)sino kayang muse nito?=)

uy, nagpasa ka na ba sa call for submission nina sir cirilo?=) at nga pala, i recommended your story dun sa ipa-publish na book on contemporary phil fiction nina kit kwe at ian casocot. hope that's okay=)