Peb 5, 2007

Now and at the Hour

Today at the Brebant dinner, we talked about the crushing of the minds of children and young men under the huge volume of things taught them. We agreed that an experiment was being carried out on the present generation of which it was impossible to predict the consequences. And in the course of the discussion somebody advanced the ironical idea that our present-day system of universal education might well deprive society of the educated man and endow it with the educated woman: not a reassuring prospect for the husbands of the future.

The Brothers Goncourt
Diary entry
February 5, 1884

Still here in Makati where I sit in this moment an hour after fiesta and ten hours before of my first class. Guadalupe! One of those nights when I locate myself within a prayer. You see, it was a Sunday of checking a chockfull of essays and poems. Two sets belonged to my two Humanities 160 classes. I usually resort to comparing the classes. But I just finished computing their partial grades and found no cause for contrast. At least, not according to the numbers. The two bore identical ratio of passing to failing students, 14:7 and 20:10. Exactly one damned third of each class failed the first half of my course. Now, if I fail to attract sleep within the next pair of hours – Guadalupe! – give me a bus where I won’t have to stand for the rest of my hundred-minute ride.

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