Abr 22, 2007

Excuse Slip

Apologies, apologies! I cannot attend, am unable to come and be counted - my misery cannot entertain company, sorry - for I am depressed or performing depression, and I would rather watch a movie where it's cheap and I can sit out front where the eyes get violated by the hurt, vertigo all the more possible, popcorn or no popcorn, softdrink soft or no; I can view the film thrice and with all my method concentrate on a particular actress, beautiful but getting on in years such that there is a wrinkle between eye and nose; I can think - all I want - if it's genuine old woman leather or a prosthetic wrinkle. I will not always be this way. I will not always be this way.

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Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

yes, you're one big "excuse".