Hun 11, 2007

The Merkinball

After dinner (mollified by a demi-bottle of Sauterne) I read Freud's new book for two hours. Freud can't see straight about sex, but he has discovered a lot about the mechanism of the human mind.

Siegfried Sassoon
June 11, 1922
Diary entry

Yesterday over the phone, I told Pink that the story in the works would employ mirrors, a knife, and a mask. While usual elements behind my pages, I rarely get to use these on the surface. I don't know if all the shiny things will get past drafts. Since school's about to open and work's piling up, I'll have to wait.

She asked about the recent story, the one I'm about to put behind me. Pink asked if I'll show it to F-. I said, "but he's old school!" I then realized that I've never used "old school" in a derogatory sense. I then knew that what I meant to say was "but I'm afraid to show him."

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