Hun 2, 2007


What a muddle I've been in with girls, in spite of all my headaches, insomnia, grey hair, despair. Let me count them: there have been at least six since the summer. I can't resist, my tongue is fairly torn from my mouth if I don't give in and admire anyone who is admirable and love her until admiration is exhausted. With all six my guilt is almost wholly inward, though one of the six did complain of me to someone.

Franz Kafka
June 2, 1916
Diary entry

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3 komento:

Loyva ayon kay ...

Woman 19 felt very strangely familiar - like the scent of an old blanket, like a memory jolted out of hibernation. I don't know why, but it seems like I've known this story all my life but never really met it till now.

Dennis Andrew S Aguinaldo ayon kay ...

the upside to that is, when you're done with it, you can tear it up into rags. super chamois!

Loyva ayon kay ...

When I'm done, I'll wrap myself in it and sleep for two lifetimes. Hmmmm...