Set 1, 2007

The Rhoan Will

(Prof Kimmi Javel, 31, teacher of Speculative Thought)

The Rhoan will ascend and sigma
summing up to his diploma
invitation : excellence

–end up marrying a sis
or not marrying a sister
invitation : honor

or not having the courage to confess
his love
tradition : strength

–some-day have connections leading
jobs leading to leader connections
tradition : excellence

–attend reunions at hotels
alumni homecomings
tradition : a heart

at the mothering university
and brotherhood at cafes
initiation : kidneys

–bother to speak of Mendez
or not bother to speak of Cris
tradition : a liver

a some-thing that happened way back
when he was seriously being young
initiation : a brain

or leading to leader connections
or not proving courage to confess
tradition : a penis

any-way the Rhoan will
one-day father

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