Abr 20, 2008

Bandian, Fonte, Crespo

Three UPLB students from the BACA program published literary works in magazines of national circulation during the last academic year. This entry is for the twin purpose of filing and gratitude.

(a) Congratulations to Timmi Bandian for her short story, "The Blessing," which was published by The Sunday Times Magazine; (b) to Paul Fonte for three of his poems which were published by Pinoy Weekly and more recently by Philippines Graphic; and (c) to Sarah Crespo for her short story, "Hidden Gods (part 1 and part 2)," published by The Sunday Times Magazine. Fonte and Crespo, congratulations also for the long-awaited and suddenly-incoming graduation.

You three, thanks for allowing me the unnecessary and superfluous grace of accompanying you in your literal maiden voyage.

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