Ago 8, 2015

A “Danse Russe” Thread, 2

AN— i missed the internal rhyme, but yes, it's there. sleeping and sleeping and silken. it's the only proper noun there, and it's easy to think that it's got some weight

AN— maybe his “average reader” and your “lonely scene” could put us on a slant as we decide what williams's “my household” is all about, what his mission in poetry involves, what his methods open up for us

DE— This danse is no solo. The whole household participates. Even sleep is participation.

DE— Getting a lot from this thread. What Kathleen means to me so far is that she's defining “household” as opposed to “family” which would be WCW, Flossie, the kids. That makes for totally different portraiture. It also makes the last lines quite resonant, seems to me the hour of “the happy genius” was only possible after everything's set up, everything's settled down, they're asleep, food will be served if they wake up, a man is free to dance as he wishes in his little yellow bubble as long as these conditions are preserved.

AN— maybe putting the baby and kathleen together means he's putting her in its care?

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