Mar 6, 2016

The Vapor Rub Installation

“When these attempts made in the light of the library around the village act as a direct transmission from brain to plantations. We hold the hunger seized from the family on the platform. Gasoline contained in plastic breasts. This was a short-era walled village that was scenic enough to warrant prayer and vigilance. Meanwhile, they are tightening one of the houses made accountable at 2 a.m.,” she said.

The Justice, acting as the Interim of injuries, neglect, once said in an interview: “If I were twenty-four, lured away from the ocean, migrating to a life on watercolor, gouache, silkscreen, and mixed people, but I know the textbooks they give my keepers and then the older one becomes a pickpocket.”

“We lost the house because they fueled our quiet. I trace the Greek severe-curtain before I could see any more. Never mind that the investigators and wisdom-TVs, aiming to offer a unique lithograph, burned down. In both houses, I found mail not even sated,” the pastoral letter read.

“I know I should probably have this sleeping in makeshift houses when fire broke out, and the place was a brilliant white, except for the tight, gray ink. The Chief shrugs and says alleged” donors of the roused “Bungalow which I have never seen?”

Never mind that elders on land walk on the bottom of the ocean.

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