Dis 12, 2001

10:03 PM 12/11/01
Band of Brothers

HBO's Band of Brothers, faces the toll of triumph in Episodes Nine and Ten.

Coup de grace.

Victory brings out the worst in Easy company. Bullets fly sparingly. And the spoils of war are aplenty.

But the band will face the unspeakable residual horror of a Concentration Camp. A grim task falls into the hands of a translator. He must tell the survivors of the camp that they freed to go back in.

Major Richard Winters takes stock of the past. It has been four hundred days since D-Day. Meanwhile, the company suffers casualties from their own excesses. Everybody counts their wounds and "points" to go back home and escape the possibility of being assigned to the frontlines of the war in the Pacific.

Japan surrenders. The war is over. The future looms with uncertainty. Each man has inherited war. Any future for them will always contain its horrors.

And the blood ties that bond.

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