Dis 10, 2001

2:59 PM 12/10/01
I am currently downloading freeware for FTP. That's me, ever the cheapskate schtick. I chanced upon Windows FTP. I haven't run the set-up yet because I'm getting some anti-virus stuff too from another site.

I really hate geocities. My website options are so limited. With my already limited technical know-how and brains in general, I just know i'll have tons of problems if I opt for something else.

I wish I'll have enough money saved up for dreamweaver and/or frontpage by Christmas time. I want to make my own site outside of yahoo. I know I'm a damn irritating newbie, but there's nothing a little patience, trial and error, and piles of Internet cards can't fix. I'm already putting foundations in Portland, my new web home. Inspired, of course by my Marvel-comic-based-Norse-god's-weapon-named prankster's splendid site on the cult classic Volkswagen Beetle.

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