Dis 2, 2001

9:10 AM 12/1/01 CITYHUMOR
I have no idea how a prank-based website would fare, really. Well, probably a whole lot better than mine! (",) In the spirit of experimentation, I tried it on some of my online friends.

I learned the trick the hard way, of course. A certain hammer-wielding-god-named friend played the trick on me. He's got valuable information on his hands now and he's blackmailing me with it! (".)

I figured, the prank could only be played once. Maybe my friends would be grateful that they learned the trick less harshly at the hands of someone as benign as I am. Or they might ostracize me for the rest of my life. Either way, I was sold on the idea. They may hate me but I know most of them will use the prank to their advantage too. Like a capitalist with multiplier-effect rationalizations, I proceeded confidently with the project.

The dynamic is very much pyramid-scheme. Much more fun than the scams though. As for the prankster, it must always be noted that the boy can only cry "wolf" twice. After that, the joke's permanently on him.

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