Dis 15, 2001

tol im leashed na.=) im a wearing a necklace ID & I wear it all d time, & from the looks of things, here in ortigas, it is a leash showing people who owns you.=)

Eugene's text message

To say that it's a dog eat dog world out there is a gross simplification. It's true, but it's too simple.

The metaphor of the urban jungle never seems like a tired cliche. Although I've read, seen, and heard it in many of it's permutations, in poetry, short stories, movies, cusses, and sighs of resignations. All reflections and perversions of human existence. All indices of truth, in one way or another, focused or off-centered.

We all know it and rediscover it in our personal nadirs in urban existence. Most fresh graduates I know feel it. Or re"feel" it because they knew and feel it all the while, but now it remanifests itself, an aspect of reality just now revealed. Or just now perceived this close. Like a predator howling in your face. You've always heard that howl, even talked about it, from a safe distance in parties, houses, and even the academe.

Now of course, despite everything, you are a foal. Up front in the chase of your life. Running in circles. Or in seemingly impregnable heirarchies. Pyramids. Food chains.

In this case, of course, the metaphor is "taming," "domestication," and ultimately, "possession." It is the truth of our lives. Dare we wonder if it will change? Or is it just too "natural."

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