Peb 20, 2002

... every best blogger started out as a sucky one...

So sayeth Reejay. And the web was another Morales richer. Well, she'll most likely go places. Stranded though she feels herself to be. As for me, I'm mighty fine, staying as "sucky" as I do!

On the verge of Baguio and I don't know how excited I'm supposed to be. Pauline, thanks for helping me out! I'm really on the verge of everything else. In the same way that each present is a cliff's end facing the abyss that is the future.

Wow, is that supposed to mean anything? I told you I'm really a sucky one. My that noun phrase just won't go away! Sucky one, sucky one. Sounds like something Tolkien's Gollum would say.

Anyway, Kris confirmed it here but left much guessing room. No problem, I thought. Everybody deserves to be enigmatic! Isn't that what blogging is all about anyway? Saying and not saying at the same time?

The whole thing is really pretty, come to think of it.

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