Peb 1, 2002

Patoma kayo!

January 28 (2001) - Hello Rosally. How was the "party"? Man, you're in way over your head! But if you must really prove yourself in that field... Just, belated happy birthday and good luck on Valentine's day! (",)

January 29 (circa 1800) - How's work? I'm sorry this was so belated! In any case, I'm just really glad I got to greet you here! Happy, happy birthday Michelle!

January 31 (1901) - Happy birthday Ria! It seems you are on your way to being a full-fledged weblogger. Despite all your sighs, I hope you smile even once on your birthday! I hope you won't go to The House...

February 1 (1969) - Happy Birthday Eugene! I miss our walks to Philcoa and our anti-McDo poems. Well, our paths will part but don't be a stranger man. At least not now when you're on to give us a birthday treat!

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