Peb 1, 2002


Magarbo ang disenyo sa kalye namin. Fiesta kasi rito sa Guadalupe Viejo. Para sa banderitas, nakakuha sila ng sandamukal na mga poster ng isang detergent brand. Kulay bughaw at puti ang mga poster.

Ginupit-gupit nila ito sa sukat na tatsulok. Tapos nakalagay sa mga straw string. Ang maganda rito, kumpol-kumpol ang pagkakasabit ng mga string. Magkakalapit talaga, ilang pulgada lang ang layo sa isa't isa! Para tuloy binubungan mo yung buong kalye ng isa pang mas mababang layer ng bughaw at puting langit!

Sa bawat kinseng tali, merong isinabit sa gitna na isang plastik na paket mula naman sa isang "bumubulong" na kompanya ng feminine napkin. Pero pula ito kaya nakakatawag-pansin. Nagsusumigaw talaga, korteng puso pa. Isang linggo na nakakabit ang mga ito. Malamang paabutin na nila ang disenyo hanggang Valentines.


Stop and Smell the Flowers

If all goes well, I might come up to Baguio again! This time, I'll have a different company in tow. Two of the hardiest folk I know. It's really going to be tough keeping up with them. These two guys eat so fast, walk so resolutely, and talk such strong words. If we come across the "bad elements," so to speak, they'll either beat the crap out of them or run so fast and leave me to my picturesque doom amid the colors of the Flower Festival.

Both of them have firm political convictions. And since they do not wear the same color in the spectrum, I'll probably be caught between an exchange of fireworks.

Our little troop may be graced by the Flower among flowers. She might be our host. She is a resident of Baguio, which I have dubbed as the land of the perpetual blush. Those people have great skins. Of course, her glow is no exception.

Though not exactly a northern-exposure-tripper like the rest of us, she still looks forward to the parade. If a native could still appreciate what has been so frequently served her, it must really be good. That's the rule of thumb for cuisine, tourist spots, and festivities.

I hope we get to visit Good Shepherd this time. Those are damn fine sweets. And I mean fine, not a vulgar blend, really smooth. Somehow maybe, they can infect their ube, starwberry, and nut with their serenity.

And all those leafy veggies! Another salad at home I think, I won't mind a Lettuce and Green Pepper Festival! And maybe, if we're very, very lucky, our dear guide might show us some dogmeat.

February 22-25. Send me an SMS if you're there! Let's see what's to be seen, taste what's to be tasted, and smell what should be smelled! Send me some message too if you want pasalubong!


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