Peb 24, 2003

Sounding the Horn

In Northern Somalia, a Filipina is carving her meaningful niche. Ibalik's roving eye never ceases to amaze me! Now, dekarabaw's unga is definitely richer with Yvette's voice. Here, consider:

The voices of the orphans, children victims of war, were enough to make everyone listen intently. I was seated beside a Somali woman from Berbera who was nice enough to translate the songs. The children sang about inter-clan fighting, war and how it affected the young, how they were thrown in the streets, how they were orphaned because their parents were killed or were missing. The children reminded the old that amidst the hostilities it is the young that get most affected.

I hope you get to visit her, send her my regards, and tell me what you think.

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