May 29, 2006

Friend you are

Friend you are, keeping your word the way you did. Go read all your feminism books and shove them where the sun does not shine, where nothing shines not even your petty fictions. You have done this many times to me, and I never allowed those iniquities matter. But to him? And to her? I will not rue the day I met you. The day comes - for this is an old plan - when I will cease meeting you. You - you already know it - will rue that day.

You fear your enemy more than you love your friend. I am not one to go where I am not wanted.

On the other hand, you, truer friend. I thought you would fail. I feared it with all my heart. Shame on me for even entertaining the idea. You who the enemy counted on to be the soft spot, what solid matter you are made of! Twice this past month, I yielded to your wisdom. I regret neither of my withdrawals. Now, I rejoice in two facts, that you are a good man, and that I know it. My honor that we swallowed the jagged meat together. Now, let us drink the sweet water. If strife should come between you and me - for the future is the future - I swear that I will wound myself twice before drawing blood from you.

This world will make a ruined man out of me, an humbled man because of loud pronouncements such as this, an absurd man because of my strange and futile craft. You will not be there come my fall, friend. I shall not allow it.

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