Mar 17, 2012

Absorptive Capacity

Administration utterly condemns the tragic and senseless death
reveals that class size does not affect student performance

despite our limited resources
enabling environments have all been put in place

take the responsibility of providing a safe and
the UPLB can accept more students and

secure environment for our constituents
spread the UP education to more deserving Filipinos

seriously and diligently
teach the course, schedules and room assignments

have limited uniformed personnel since we
ensure that all enabling environments are available

are constrained by law to hire more
are trained in time for the full implementation

keep watch over our vast campus
appreciate receiving your report

extend our deepest commiseration with the family
For strict compliance.


UPLB's official statement on the killing of Ray Bernard PeƱaranda (updated) versus Memorandum No. 001: Full Implementation of Large Classes

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