May 11, 2012

Online, post-review, and it's been months of not speaking

ADEV : I have the book you were raving about, as well as the rave.

DENN : Hello po! Did you buy or borrow?

ADEV : You do know, don't you? That I've got the linguistic advantage on this one?

DENN : Understood, ma'am. Shall you write for or against?

ADEV : This is all you are ever going to get.

DENN : Which one? I don't follow.

ADEV : You held back! Forgive me for saying this, but it was a most vulgar display of holding back.

DENN : Have you read clean through?

ADEV : Why? Should I intend to? Give me a straight answer, nobody wants another link to the review.

DENN : It's okay, ma'am. I think you've read enough.

ADEV : Good, that's a start. Take your little man-steps toward honesty. Do you have any idea how that sounded? It sounded like you were asking me to read the whole thing.

DENN : I was wishing you would become the whole thing.