Nob 10, 2012

Sample Exploratory

What is?
What group of belongs to our scope of?
Are concerned only with the or other young?
Are concerned about the involved in suicidal
or only on the itself?

Are going to include the of other type of or only our?
What is the?
What are the possible of this?
What runs through the of a suicidal
before doing the?

What are the
of different of a in the of among young?
What are the of the increasing of of?
Is financial is one of the?
Can the academic of cause?

Is the emotional of a included?
What are the if
among young persist?
What should do to arrive at a suitable?

Do intend to fully stop on young?

Do want to familiarize about the
of the different of the
Suggested of
will help if make feel all their
and loves?

Will help if established in their
that there are so many
that may experience in our
especially in the
help encourage to have in our Almighty

and always ask if have a?
Will help if launch some regarding the
and enlighten their
on what will happen if commit?
How does each fit our?

Which among our is the most feasible to do?
of the best
In what way can establish the best for the?
What will be some of the assessment
that can do?

3 komento:

Susan Scheid ayon kay ...

I am thinking this must be a Mayer experiment, but whatever it is, it's fascinating, if obscure! I did a Mayer experiment for my essay on IOKW, removing all words beginning with "s," so you can imagine the result! When I read this, I think of that, because so much of what was left was an elusive "the."

Dennis Aguinaldo ayon kay ...

Of the five essays I went through (might go for more later) only one chose Mayer. Maybe the mesostomatic option was lazier? I'm among the lazy ones if so. Did a number on Pound. Could you share the link to your essay here, or in the Wistful thread? So I can see how Stevens would sound, thus pared down.

As for "Sample Exploratory," I "disappeared" all the main nouns, most of the pronouns too (but left the possessive ones there, grasping). Mayer made it possible. I've been observing how some words step up to fill the vacuum, assuming noun-like functions (but never quite succeeding).

And yes, I've grown more and more attached to the pining of "of" and "the". Earlier yesterday, a student in my sister's university fell to his death.

Susan Scheid ayon kay ...

Dennis: how terrible about the student. What you've written here gains particularly poignancy in light of that, too: "I've been observing how some words step up to fill the vacuum, assuming noun-like functions (but never quite succeeding)." But never quite succeeding . . .