Set 21, 2013

GENESIS: the Mareng Winnie Remix

for greed? Note, Reader,
personal knowledge of this)
Throat,” the supplier

This is the increase
the kind of hanky-panky
magnitudes. Start with

ago: The numbers
do with greed and abuse of
fascinating stories,

they reached for her whole
“soft” pork) came into being
it turns out, the “Deep

in, at least one-third
tighter, in the form of much
else. We’ve been hoodwinked

barrel ballooned to
stomach the situation.
tripled. Fast forward

also known as “hard”
branches were dividing
the assumed exchange

The good news is that
I will not be satisfied,

Numbers can tell the
power: the servants of the
even greater, mind-

zero. There’s more to
outcry then (as there is now
monitoring, vetting

veto”—she vetoed
the importuning (I have
that sound familiar?

and the almost-end
is now called the Countrywide
Everybody had

*A story of greed and abuse of power

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