Okt 25, 2014

in a perfect story,” he said

card and write the whole thing out,
It’s supine,” she said

relations would open
greys, browns, tans and muted

Bits of white are okay if you can't
view the body for a moment and move

her, tended to favor visiting

language is very lax. It’s
how you enjoyed their sense of humor, etc.

Tuesday demanded the handover of
what “full account” meant.

blues are all acceptable.
the heartfelt thinking has been done for

“We cannot be in

him/herself during happier times. If so,
we burn down the whole house

you have the option of sending flowers
longer in the receiving line,

Forces / found in drugstores,
the same door you came in through.

[1] How to Attend the Wake of Someone You Didn't Know Well
[2] Murder complaint filed vs US Marine
[3] in a perfect story,” he said

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