Okt 28, 2014

Notes on Erica Baum's "Card Catalogues"

D— Or, how it is the thing they could all wear? It's a usual scene in movies, those mornings after, the boy waking up to a girl wearing his shirt. It's quickly becoming a common emblem of entering an other self, as an identity, perhaps as a gender. Getting under someone's skin.

Also: while we wear the shoes of an elder or superior or someone who came (and went) before (wear my father's shoes), we wear a shirt of a peer, an equal (of sorts), a beloved / drinking buddy needing a change of clothes after a replay night of beer and puke.

A— in love with this idea. these but surface differences (or could be regarded as such), never so deeply ingrained as we suppose. at the same time . . . the fear of pulling from our buildings naked

A— had this to think of while looking at the particular photo

D— Yes. Viewing them in terms of the roles of our gendered selves in relationships,or how relationships gender us, provide us with the role to play (as had already been pointed out). A costume.

A— wish to say yes to, underline, and italicize this

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